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Meet The Band

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After seeing Johnny Spampinato play with bands like NRBQ, The Incredible Casuals, and the Spampinato Brothers... you know what you're going to get. Well, maybe not, but here he is anyway, with the Value Leaders by his side.

From out of left field, comes one of the best hidden talents out of Cape Cod. Coming up, playing with bands like the Flakes, The Cat Birds, The Spampinato Brothers, Crab Cake Annie, River Dance Randy, and others…

Mark has become a musical wrecking ball of finesse. 
He has decided to become a "Value Leader." 


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Meet Mr. Utility... bassist, vocalist, song writer, Jay Cournoyer .Jay has been playing with Johnny and Joey in the Spampinato Brothers for the past ten years, first as a drummer, then playing bass while Joey was out. Bands and projects include Calamity J. and the Giants, Link Montana and the Rough Riders, The High Kings, and Lester."


When 13, Sam  started playing drums with his dad's band the Greenheads, and his middle school band The In-Discretion. His main influences at the time were. NRBQ, Tom Waits, various ska/punk bands, and the Incredible Casuals. As time went on Sam played with various other groups such as the Catbirds, the Stompers, the Great American Cookout, and more. In the later part of 2016 Sam started playing with the Spampinato Brothers, being reunited with Johnny, Jay, and Mark ,and started what he hopes to be a long and fruitful relationship of rocking your socks off.

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